Ouzoud waterfalls day trip Marrakech

Ouzoud waterfalls day trip Marrakech

Ouzoud Waterfalls Day Trip From Marrakech, Move into the excellent High Atlas Mountains on a full day tour from Marrakech to Ouzoud Falls, the most noteworthy cascades in North Africa. Go through a scene of moving lower regions and olive forests, then, at that point, appreciate available energy to unwind by the 330-foot (110-meter) cascades. Cross the stream on a hand-fueled canal boat, visit bistros at the edge of the water, or look at the Barbary chimps that live in the lavish waterway valley. With the accommodation of pre-booked vehicle, this Ouzoud Falls trip is an incredible day-long getaway from clamoring Marrakech. 

Roadtrip from Marrakech to Ouzoud Falls (Cascades d’Ouzoud) Independent time at Ouzoud Falls See Morocco’s dynamite mountain view Chance to detect local untamed life right at home Round-trip transport in an environment controlled minibus Pickup and drop-off at Marrakech accommodation. Contact the local expert team of Desert Marrakech Tours and book your best day trip from Marrakech to Ouzoud waterfalls.


Ouzoud waterfalls day trip Marrakech 

About Ouzoud Waterfalls:

Ouzoud Falls (In Tamazight Language : Imuzzar n wuẓuḍ. In French Language : Cascades d’Ouzoud) is the aggregate name for quite some time that unfilled into the El-Abid River’s chasm. This well known the travel destination is situated close to the Middle Atlas village of Tanaghmeilt, in the territory of Azilal, 150 km upper east of Marrakech, Morocco. ‘Ouzoud’ signifies “the demonstration of crushing grain” in Berber. This is by all accounts affirmed by the successive plants in the region.

The lower part of the falls is available through a concealed way of olive trees. At the highest point of the falls, there are twelve old little plants that are as yet being used. One can likewise follow a limited and troublesome track prompting the street of Beni Mellal. While plummeting the chasms from the “channel el-Abid”[definition needed] in a canyon sometimes one doesn’t recognize the base which is almost 600 meters down.[citation needed]

It is the most visited site of the region.[citation needed] In the area, green valleys, plants, plantations and a magnificent circuit of the chasms of the El-Abid River are found. Numerous nearby and public affiliations lead ventures to safeguard and protect the site. Desert Marrakech Tours company is the best option for you to book your best one day trip from Marrakech to Ouzoud waterfalls with the best local Moroccan travel company.

Ouzoud waterfalls day trip Marrakech  Highlights:

– Explore And Enjoy the sensational falls of the Ouzoud Waterfalls.

– See The Authentic Berber towns and customary towns of the Grand Atlas Mountains.

– Explore the Al Abid River.

– See The wild monkeys and other widely varied vegetation.

Tour Details:

Ouzoud waterfalls day trip Marrakech 

Our Ouzoud waterfalls day trip Marrakech  is one of the regular marvels of Morocco. From Marrakech we arrive at the cascades of Ouzoud after 150 km of a street that follows numerous ways. What’s more through brilliant scenes overwhelmed by the red of the earth, the dim green of the thuyas and the pale dark green of the olive trees. While in Ouzoud it is likewise conceivable to go on a boat outing on the falls.

The most renowned cascades in Morocco are definitely worth the outing. Around 110 meters high, its water skip on a few levels and venture fine drops out of sight. The cascades are quite often featured by a lovely rainbow.


You will find on the site Ouzoud cascades numerous little eateries that serve conventional Moroccan food. Or on the other hand at the foot of the falls, you can taste a mint tea while watching the merry go round of monkeys, appreciating the rainbow over the cascades.

You can likewise cross the stream by the wooden extension or, for certain dirhams, one of the little boats a little kitsch and sanctified through water with humor “Le France”, “Le Phocéa” or “Le Titanic” will take you to the most close to the falls.

The falls of Ouzoud have all the appeal to go through a sweet day. No big surprise, Ouzoud implies in Berber “Sweet”. Free lunch. Get back to Marrakech in the early evening, and we drop you off in your accommodation where our best day tour excursion from Marrakech to Ouzoud waterfalls will end.

– Transport in a private comfortable 4×4 Toyota Prado Tx or Deluxe Van.

 – Fuel

– Pick up from and drop-off at your inn in Marrakechn

– English, French, Spanish or Italian speaking driver and guide.

– Lunch in the porch of an eatery sitting above the cascades.

– Stop for breaks or visits at whatever point you wish during the day trip




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Ouzoud waterfalls day trip Marrakech
Ouzoud waterfalls day trip Marrakech