Day Trip To Ourika Valley From Marrakech

Day Trip To Ourika Valley From Marrakech

Day Trip To Ourika Valley From Marrakech

One Day Trip To Ourika Valley From Marrakech. Ourika valley is one of the most wonderful valleys in Morocco, and an extremely well known fascination for the two sightseers and local people. Only 65 kilometers outside Marrakech, you completly change the landscape from and dry earthy colored view to a rich green valley and dynamic tones. Numerous argan oil cooperatives work in the valley since it is rich with argan trees, and you can visit one of them to watch focused ladies process argan nuts and concentrate oil from them for both corrective and culnary employments. 


The actual valley offers numerous amazing open doors for little hikings and intersection berber made extensions to get from side of the valley. Assuming you’re adequately playful, you can arrive at the seven cascades of Setti Fatma, and obviously a neighborhood guide can walk you through the valley and help with the little obstructions to a great extent. Pick a decent café and have a decent lunch adjacent to or even in the center of the waterway with your feet in the water. Contact the team of Desert Marrakech Tours company and book your best full day tour from Marrakech to Ourika Valley

– Partake in a grand drive en route to Ourika Valley with a wonderful perspective on the Atlas Mountains in the distance
– Drive past different adobe Berber towns and ultimately visit one.
– Partake in some Mint tea at a Berber House.
– Climb to the cascades of Setti Fadma
– Indulge yourself with a Berber Tagine close to the stream

Day Trip To Ourika Valley From Marrakech

About Ourika Valley:

Ourika Valley is a valley in the Moroccan High Atlas along the Ourika River. It is situated around 30 km from Marrakech, and is basically populated by Berber people speaking Shilha. Regardless of its vicinity to Marrakech, it is as yet viewed as a generally all around safeguarded valley, by its very nature an and customary mountain method of life, Desert Marrakech Tours company is one of the best travel companies that offer this service of day trips from Marrakech, so contact us for your full day trip excursion to Ourika Valley from Marrakech

THE Highlights Of The Full Day Trip Excursion To Ourika Valley:


Tour Details: 

Full Day Tour From Marrakech To Ourika Valley:

We will start our wonderful full day tour from Marrakech to Ourika Valley from the red city of Marrakech, the driver will get you from the Riad at 8:30 to get going on your roadtrip of one day to Ourika Valley from Marrakech. This day’s exposing has been intended to remove you from the clamor and commotion of Marrakech into the cleaner, cooler quality of the High Atlas Mountains. You will track down this a remarkable and special experience, particularly in light of the fact that it is a lot cooler in the late spring months. 


Berber life shares little practically speaking with the red city and is a fundamental piece of any visit here – many case this is the genuine Morocco – in addition to the Imperial Cities! On the way into the High Atlas Mountains, we first pass the Berber town of Tahanout, around 35 km from Marrakech. In the same way as other different towns and towns in Morocco, there is a Jewish burial ground here. Next we happen the town and sepulcher of Moulay Brahim, a notable Moroccan Sufi holy person who passed on in 1661. Appreciate tea with a nearby Berber family, who will show you a customary hammam and bread stoves. 


Arriving at the Toubkal National Park, we arive in Asni, a little Berber town, notable for its long-lasting as well as its week after week souks. From here, we go east to the Ourika valley lined by gardens, organic product trees, little towns, summer houses, as well as bistros and eateries. The Ourika waterway slides from the High Atlas, passing Asguine, Aghbalou, Oulmes lastly the town of Setti Fatma. Untamed life incorporates painted frogs, the Moorish gecko, hawks, the red winged finch, poplar trees and sobbing willows. This piece of the High Atlas is great for climbing which can be coordinated with a neighborhood Berber guide. 


Such a climb takes you further into this lovely wide open bearing the cost of a good thought of the mountain vegetation and neighborhood Berber life. It is a once in a lifetime chance to encounter the opposite side of Moroccan life and will stay an extremely durable mental picture. Coming back to Marrakech, (however just conceivable according to the perspective of timing and in the event that you don’t wish to stroll in Ourika,) there are two interesting spots certainly worth a visit. The first is the Saffron Garden, the Paradis du Safran, where alongside saffron development, there is a huge plantation of olive trees, lemons, oranges, kumquats, pomegranates and sweet-smelling and restorative spices.


Here you can have a directed visit and a clarification of saffron development. Anyway as from the start of 2020, it will be shut on Mondays and Tuesdays. The extra charge is 100 dirham and incorporates the visit, saffron tea, mineral water and an unshod Kneipp walk. Soon after the nursery, we arrive at the Anima Garden, planned and made by Andre Heller over a time of 10 years. This novel nursery has been portrayed as one of the most lovely and inventive nurseries on the planet.


André Heller’s extravagant, two-hectare organic arranging is a supernatural spot of exotic nature, of miracle, of examination, of happiness, of mending, and of motivation. For individuals of any age who need to encounter the remarkable.” “Guests walk around obscure ways, between extravagant trees and bushes, bloom and fragrant miracles, structures and models, with stunning perspectives on the regularly snow-covered High Atlas Mountains highlighting the 4167 meter high Mount Toubkal.” The extra charge is around 100 dirham for every individual, 60 dirham for Moroccans and kids under 12 enter free. You show up back at Marrakech around 18:00 which denotes the finish of your day visit to the High Atlas Mountains.


Be sure that you are in the right place to book your full day tour from Marrakech to Ourika Valley, our team of Desert Marrakech Tours is always in your service and always ready to offer you the best excursions and tours through out Morocco. Also if you need to know more information about the Ourika Valley one day trip contact us.

-Pick-up & Drop off at/from anywhere in Marrakech (Maybe from your accommodation)

-Private car with A/C

-Driver English speaking


-Lunchs /Drinks

-Local Guide


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One Day Trip To Ourika Valley From Marrakech Price:

The full day tour from Marrakech to Ourika Valley price. depends on. Firstly, how many people you are. Secondly, the date of the trip. So, please contact us to get the pricing.

Day Trip To Ourika Valley From Marrakech
Day Trip To Ourika Valley From Marrakech