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best morocco travel company

About Morocco Rural Tours

Morocco Rural Tours is a best Morocco travel company based in Marrakech, established since 2011 by a small Berber family. The company’s main objective is to organise guided tours and excursions throughout Morocco.

Morocco Rural Tours’s specialized local guides are passionate to share their considerable knowledge on their wonderful Kingdom and will assist you to discover the rich genuine traditions and culture of their country.

Our expert staff are profoundly prepared, experienced and accessible 24 hours in all the day of the week, so as to help you organising a lifetime trip in Morocco. Also, give the chance to see the real authentic Morocco and having a safe visit with generous locals

Morocco Rural Tours agency focuses on your requirements and interests. Therefore, our tours cover the most interesting places. We customize private trips according to your need, and passion. We know that travellers are dissimilar that’s why our team is highly experienced to offer any type of tours or activities to satisfy your needs.


Morocco Rural Tours company has several years of experience in the tourism field. Holding places, people, and customs through professional guides, modern transportations, quality hotels, excellent restaurants, authentic riads, and much more.

With our expert team, you will be 100% sure that your request is being held in highly dedicated and professional hands. We are proud to inform you that we are listed in the top 5 travel companies that organise private & shared desert tours and imperial cities tours from Marrakech in Morocco.

Since 2011, Morocco Rural Tours has been organizing small group and private gathering Morocco desert trips from Marrakech and Fes as well as different outings and exercises, Morocco Rural Tours offers you the amazing chance to take in the excellence of Morocco scene and investigate the wealth of its history, with the glow of its sun and amicable people, With our expert guides.

Morocco Rural Tours team is at at your service to satisfy all of your travel desires anytime, to provide you with a memorable adventure in Morocco.

Why Are We The Most Ideal Decision For You?

Reasonable prices:

Morocco Rural Tours travel specialists choose the excursions that match your needs with the most suitable and reasonable prices. We always try to offer our travellers the best services with good prices, in both private and shared tours.

The best attention:

Our tours programs were intended to make your Morocco trip memorable. We are always seeking to offer you the service you are looking for. And modify anything in the itineraries depending on your needs and desires.

Best services:

We are offering the best travel services, the most wonderful authentic Riads/Hotels and desert camps, also expert driver and well well experienced guides, additionally, most modern transportations such as mini vans and 4×4 vehicles.

Travel with locals:

Morocco Rural Tours is managed by a small Berber family, all our guides are local Berbers with years of experience. Our drivers are experts with many years of experience in the field of tourism.

Travel in safe hands:

Morocco Rural Tours is a brand of a licensed, bonded and fully registered Moroccan travel company under the Moroccan tourism authority. Travelling with us means traveling with a legal travel team with years of experience. Our drivers are professionals and you will feel totally safe with them.

knowledgeable guides:

Morocco Rural Tours guides are knowledgeable about the Moroccan rich history, also they are passionate to share the amazing culture with you and ensure you with the rich information about the beautiful country of Morocco.

Expert drivers:

All of our drivers have more than 10 years of experience in the tourism field. You will feel totally safe with Morocco Rural Tours drivers as they considered as very expert driver. Morocco Rural Tours team in general considered as one of the best travel teams in Morocco.

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