One Day Trip From Marrakech To Essaouira

One Day Trip From Marrakech To Essaouira

One Day Trip From Marrakech To Essaouira

One Day Trip From Marrakech To Essaouira City. Explore Essaouira on an interesting One Day Trip From Marrakech To Essaouira, During this outing. Firstly, you can visit the old medina of Essaouira, Secondly, the port and the Scala and the Argan lady’s co-usable. Additionally,  eat conventional dishes, Also, see its ocean side and the city entryways. After lunch and a rest stop, we will go to the lodging. Next showing up around 8:00 pm in Marrakech. Contact us for your Full Day Trip From Marrakech To Essaouira.


Highlights Of Marrakech Essaouira Excursion:

  • Discovering the wonderful city of Essaouira on this full day trip.
  • Appreciate the port, the market, and the gem dealer’s quarter
  • Partake in the visit of the ocean side
  • Visit Berber ladies women providing argan oil.

Full Day Trip To Essaouira From Marrakech: 

About Essaouira City:

Firstly, Essaouira is a port and tourist city located on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. By the sea, its medina (old town) is protected by 18th century ramparts, called the Skala de la Kasbah and designed by European engineers. Dotted with ancient copper cannons, the fortifications offer views of the ocean. With their powerful trade winds, the city’s beaches are ideal for surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing, this full day tour from Marrakech to Essaouira is worthy to discovering Essaouira.

The Full Day Tour From Marrakech To Essaouira Itinerary: 

Your One Day Trip From Marrakech To Essaouira Firstly, start with a drive along the Haouz fields. Once in Chichaoua town found midway, stop for some espresso before you proceed with your Journey. After moving toward Essaouira, you will cross the Argan trees timberland, where you will recognize a few goats climbing the trees. Pause and take some photographs before you carry on to Essaouira.

To observe how the Argan oil (likewise called the fluid gold, or Moroccan oil) is separated, you will visit a neighborhood women’s helpful to figure out how a few fine surface level items are privately made from the rich Argan oil.

From here, we will carry on to beautiful Essaouira. Upon appearance, you will investigate the wonderful city at recreation. Out of involvement, Exploring Essaouira is kind with your own: Locals are cordial, the Medina is little (contrasted with other old towns in Morocco), and its roads are all together. You certainly needn’t bother with an aide for the visit through the city. You can without much of a stretch investigate the Medina all alone as its roads are adjusted inverse to one another dissimilar to each and every other labyrinth like Medina in Morocco. Would it be advisable for you demand one, your driver will assist you with employing a neighborhood guide.


In the first place, you can visit the harbor with its fishing port and old Portuguese fortresses. You can in any case see archaic conflict cannons adjusted all together and ignoring the Atlantic Ocean. Proceed to the Medina ( old city ) with its very much held stronghold dating to the eighteenth century. The significant milestone of the Medina is La Scala, which was worked against unfamiliar assaults from the ocean. You can proceed to Bab Laalouj ( One of the principle entryways of Essaouira, then, at that point, to the Mellah ( the old Jewish quarter.

En route, different workmanship shops, exhibitions, gift shops and Thuya wood make shops are adjusted all together. Pick one of the nearby bistros for a scrumptious fish lunch and go to Kasbah well known for having filled in as a tactical stronghold. Assuming you are an ocean side sweetheart, partake in a stroll along the sandy ocean side of Mogador, and perhaps watch local people playing volley ball. Assuming you are adequately courageous, why not join a game for a couple of moments. Individuals from Essaouira are well disposed!! On the off chance that not you can sunbathe while watching waterspouts beginners kitesurfing or windsurfing.

Late in the early evening, drive back to Marrakech, and your entire day visit to Essaouira will end with a drop off at your lodging or the closest vehicle available highlight your riad.

Finally, our best One Day Trip From Marrakech To Essaouira will end. Contact Desert Marrakech Tours team for your best full day tour from Marrakech to Essaouira city.

Hotel pickup and drop-off

Transportation by modern air-conditioned van or 4×4 Tx Prado.

English speaking driver/guide

Local guide




Desert Marrakech Tours team is always ready to get your questions and help you with anything, So please contact us via Email or Phone if you need any help, We are available always. this day trip from Marraakech to Essaouira is one of famous day trips from Marrakech. And the highly recommended one

The Essaouira Day Tour Price:

The price of this One Day Trip From Marrakech To Fes. Depends on. Firstly, on the date of the day tour. Secondly, how many person are you. So, please contact us to the get the price.

One Day Trip From Marrakech To Essaouira
One Day Trip From Marrakech To Essaouira