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Book A Private Morocco Tour with Morocco Rural Tours

Morocco Rural Tours is welcoming you in Morocco, our team would be happy to showing you around our wonderful country. In order to let you have the pricing of any of our Morocco Tours, we will need to know particularly about your vacation in Morocco.

Firstly, how many travellers are you?. The number of travellers in the tour is one of reasons that make it difficult to list the quotes in any tour itinerary. Secondly, the number of days are you having. Thirdly, the type of accommodations you want to have during the trip.


 Morocco Rural Tours company is customising tours according to your needs and budget, our tours include luxury and standard accommodations (Riads/Hotels/Desert Camps), that’s an other factor that control price of each tour. 

Additionally, the date of the trip, we need to know the date of the tour (which month), because of high and low sessions. Finally, which city are you starting from and which one you are ending at, in addition to the price that will let us make a better itinerary tour for you. 


That is to say we customise your perfect trip around Morocco, according to your budget, your desires and your time. So do not hesitate to get in touch with Desert Marrakech Tours team and book a lifetime tour in Morocco.

Kindly, let us have the information below, so as to send you the pricing of any of our Morocco tours.

  • The date of your vacation trip.
  • The number of travellers.
  • How many days.
  • the type of accommodations (Riads/Hotels/Camps), either luxury or standard.  

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Morocco Rural Tours team objectives is to organise private tours and excursions throughout the country and offer the opportunity for our travel to see and explore the real authentic Morocco. 

Morocco Rural Tours is your best choice to have a lifetime vacation in Morocco with an expert team of generous locals.

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